Community Guidelines

We have some goals for Stride. We feel they are important to creating a community of small businesses intent on being stronger together.

Get help the smart way

  • Use search and explore topics.
    • There is a lot of content on Stride already. You may find answers to your questions just by browsing through topics or using search.
  • Ask questions so others can help you.
    • Phrase your question so that other community members can understand the situation and answer quickly without asking for more information or clarifications. The best questions often get answered the fastest!

Build your reputation

  • Use your real name.
    • Community members are more likely to help you if they think you’re a real person. Similarly, if you’re answering questions, you’re spending your time helping someone - you want to make it count by being as believable as possible. So be yourself!
  • Put your experience in your profile.
    • You’ll get better answers the more people know about you and your situation.
      For those looking to learn, you want answers that are tailored to your situation. And for those looking to help, you want to have the most impact, so you want to bring your experience with you.
  • Be honest.
    • Business owners have enough on their plate. Let’s make Stride a place of earnest advice.

Make good use of everyone’s time

  • Ask great questions.
    • The best way to get the help you need is to be clear and concise when asking a question. Start with a simple version of your question to get noticed and then include as much detail as you need to be clear.
  • Answer questions when you feel you have something to add.
    • If you have a point of view that isn’t represented in the answers yet, add an answer!
  • Mark answers helpful if you agree with them.
    • If one of the answers really resonates with you, mark it as helpful - and leave a reply saying why you think it’s the way to go. Your experience and perspective are valuable here.

Be a great community member

  • Be friendly.
    • Stride is a place where you can go on your worst day to get help. Stride's trusted community is built by people like you assuming others have good intentions.
  • Thank others by marking their answer as helpful.
    • Pay it back - when another person spends their limited time to help you, let them know you appreciate it.
  • Promote your business on Stride by helping others.
    • The best way to network on Stride is to be helpful. One good answer is better than ten spammy posts.
    • Your profile page is a great place to let others know what you have to offer, talk about your experience, and add a link to your website for more information.

Anything that isn’t explicitly mentioned in the guidelines above is best handled elsewhere. This includes rants, insults, gossip, self-promotion, and anything abusive or illegal.

Content that doesn’t match the community guidelines will be removed.